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Anti Game
As you know, controlling your kids computer use is very important. Aside from the obvious dangers of porn and chat rooms, too much computer use can also cut into their sleep and homework time. However it is difficult to set up a computer to prevent your kids from using it when you don't want them to.

One of the popular solutions is to install software that will stop your kids from visiting specific web sites or chat rooms. But your kids can stay all night at a computer simply playing computer games. In the past, there were programs intended to stop computer games from running on your computer. Such programs used a database of known computer games. Nowadays it's hard, if not impossible, to keep databases of known games up-to-date.

EasySmallSoft proposes a fresh approach to the old problem with their new product called GamesNoMore. This software does not need a database to prevent games from running on your computer. All modern computer games (at least those that may be of interest to your kids) use unified programming libraries for graphical and audio output. They use either Microsoft DirectX libraries or their open source analog, OpenGL. GamesNoMore allows you to enable/disable these libraries at will. Computer games simply won't run without these libraries.

GamesNoMore is extremely easy to use, yet includes some advanced features. You can set it up to launch in hidden mode on Windows startup. The program may also be helpful in educational environments.


I installed your program. It works perfectly well but now I want to permit the game start. How can I do it without uninstalling the program?

1. Clear the 'Launch on Windows startup' checkbox.
2. Restart Windows.

I installed your GamesNoMore. Why can the patience FreeCell be run all the same and I’m able to play it?

GamesNoMore blocks only the games which use the Microsoft DirectX libraries and OpenGL features in their work. They are the following: Doom 3, GTA 3, Half Life 2. We consider that the utter interest in such games may cause serious damage to a child’s mind. The cases of murders in the USA schools are the proof of this fact.

Click here to watch a demo video clip! (4 Mb)

Why does a window with a reminder appear every time I start GamesNoMore?

GamesNoMore is a shareware program that is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days are over (or you can do it earlier), you must register GamesNoMore or remove it from the computer.

Note: The listing below specifies the minimum system requirements for running our software:

  • Operation systems: Only Windows NT/2000/XP.
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Released 1.4 version of GamesNoMore

Released 2.3 version of UnLogger

Released 2.0 version of UnLogger